Keep You Garden Furniture Safe From Burglars

Key Issues With Outdoor Furniture Theft

It’s a tricky issue. You’ve purchased your new garden furniture, and you want to show it off outside to the world, but it’s also a very attractive prospect for any thieves around.

Crimes around outdoor furniture are far more common during the summer months, generally because this is when people are using it, and so they are more likely to be outside.

Another reason is because the demand is higher, and so it will be easier for criminals to move it on after they have taken it.

Below, we will look at how you can protect your garden furniture from thieves.

Keeping it Inside

If you have a set of outdoor furniture that’s expensive, keep it inside when not in use. This is the simplest form of security you can make with anything in your garden. If you have a garden shed or a garage, this will be perfect, as you can lock it inside when not in use. Something with a secure door and a padlock would be ideal, to make it as difficult as possible.

Locking it Down – Don’t Make it Easy

Your next best option would be to make it as difficult as possible to move towards the front of your house. If you don’t want to or can’t store it inside, then this is your next best option.

You can do things like bolting multiple parts of a furniture set together. For example if you have a corner rattan sofa set, you can feed some bike locks around multiple pieces of it, making it really awkward to carry, dissuading thieves from trying to take it off your property.

This is a great way to make it too awkward to steal, or at the very least make it so noisy to do so that noone would get away trying to do it.

Help From Neighbours

In general, the better you know your neighbours, the more likely they are to look out for you when you’re not paying attention or in the house. This means that if unusual people start going into your back garden, they will be more alert and aware, and probably more likely to inform you or the police. Being part of a neighbourhood watch group can help you band together and protect each others property.

After the Fact –

Higher Value Garden Furniture – Weatherproof

If you buy garden furniture UK such as at Garden Centre Shopping, you may see that they have weatherproof garden furniture that can be left outside all year round. This is a fantastic benefit to you, but just remember that if you’re leaving it outside it’s always vulnerable to thieves. So stay sharp, and don’t give them what they want, don’t make it easy for them to take your outdoor furniture!

You could equally apply this technique to commercial outdoor furniture.

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