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Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance

The Social Landlords Crime And Nuisance Group (SLCNG) is the
leading housing-based group focusing on nuisance and anti-social
behaviour. The group grew from a housing conference in 1995 where a
method for sharing ideas and lobbying on nuisance and anti-social
behaviour was identified. The local authority working group on
anti-social behaviour was then formed, with a core group of 20
members and an administrator appointed to recruit affiliate members.
Originally the lobbying element was achieved with the assistance of
the local government association.

The SLCNG has a membership of more than 200 local
authorities, registered social landlords and tenant groups and
represents over 2.6 million tenancies. The group has strong links
with the local government association, national housing federation
and the chartered institute of housing.

The SLCNG philosophy is:

  • to share information on good and best practice to tackle
    anti-social behaviour and

  • to lobby for effective tools to tackle it.

The four key themes for 2002 are:

  • to increase the volume use of injunctions by social landlords

  • to develop the use, structure and flexibility of anti social
    behaviour orders

  • to secure for registered social landlords access to the same
    range of legal remedies as is available to local authority

  • to work for the appropriate legislative change to meet the
    needs of social landlords

The SLCNG have developed a model protocol for the exchange of
information between police and housing, produce fact sheets for
front line staff, work with Hallam University on membership surveys
and are working on how best to share members expertise in training

SLCNG also:

  • publish a quarterly newsletter “Nuisance News”
    which gives examples of work being carried out around the
    country to tackle nuisance and anti-social behaviour within
    housing and community fields

  • hold a variety of conferences and seminars annually for
    tenant groups and practitioners

  • has regional network groups who meet within their own regions
    to discuss local issues


SLCNG is particularly keen for its members to be actively
involved in the DTLR
consultation exercise: Tackling anti-social tenants
, the
responses for which are due by 12thJuly 2002.

Want to know more?

Contact the SLCNG by one of the methods outlined below.

Further Details

Annual affiliate membership fee for SLCNG is �500

For further information on membership, or specific enquiries
about managing anti-social behaviour, contact:

Tim Winter
The National Organiser
Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group
c/o Whitefriars South
42b New Union Street
Coventry CV1 2HN
tel: 024 7683 2699
fax: 024 7683 3705



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