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Welcome to our awards area. Here you’ll find details of all the
major UK and international crime reduction and community safety
awards schemes. We’ve tried to include details of award-winning
schemes and instructions for how you can make an entry, too.

Many of the award-winners can also be found in the Ideas
exchange. If there’s a project you see somewhere in here and you
want to find out a little more, then check out the Exchange.

British Community
Safety Awards

British Community Safety Awards are designed to highlight
innovation and best practice in the field of crime reduction. They
are dedicated to rewarding community members and groups who work to
reduce community crime, and fear of crime. The awards are organised
by Crime Concern and since 2002 have been sponsored by Marks &

Details of how to enter British Community Safety Awards 2004 have
not yet been released. You can view
our page on the British Community Safety Awards 2003 for more
background information

Tilley Awards

The Tilley Award was set up by the Home Office Policing and
Reducing Crime Unit (now the Crime and Policing Group) in 1999 to
encourage and recognise good practice in implementing
problem-oriented policing (POP). The Award, funded by the Home
Office, will pay for winners to attend the Annual International
Problem-Oriented Policing Conference in San Diego: this usually
provides the opportunity for winners to present their project at the
conference. Although originally open only to the police, eligibility
has recently been extended to include Crime & Disorder Reduction

European Crime Prevention Award

Heralded as the equivalent of the Eurovision Song Contest of the
criminal justice world, the European Crime Prevention Award is a
contest which aims to reward the best European crime prevention
project. Entries for the award are by nomination. The UK project is
normally a winner of either the British Community Safety Award or
the Tilley Award.

information on the EUCPA
can be found on the
European Union Crime Prevention Network’s website

Prevention Through Design – The RSA Student Design Awards

The RSA Student Design Awards were established by the in 1924.
Each year nearly 3,000 students from the UK and mainland Europe
submit their designs for a wide variety of projects ranging from
engineering design to fashion, glassware to postage stamps.
Award-winning students are given the opportunity of work experience
with the sponsoring companies or travel abroad.

View Crime prevention through design
– a new focus of the RSA Student Design Awards competition

In 2003 the Awards were re-named and re-branded as the
RSA Design Directions Awards.

Communities Awards

The Sustainable Communities Awards recognise initiatives that
contribute to making areas better places to live and work. The award
pays tribute to the commitment from people making a significant
contribution towards the building of successful communities. Aspects
of good practices can also be recognised throughout the assessment
process. The awards are organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime
Minister (ODPM)

Taking A Stand

The Taking a Stand Awards are all about recognising those who
have tackled anti-social behaviour in their area. Up to 30 awards of
�1,000, plus the top award of �5,000 are waiting to be won and
spent for the benefit of local communities across England and Wales.

Philip Lawrence

Philip Lawrence was stabbed to death in 1995, when he intervened
in a fight between pupils outside his school in Ealing. The Philip
Lawrence Awards were established in 1996 by the then Home Secretary
to recognise outstanding achievements of good citizenship by the

Warden Achievement Awards 2004 – How to nominate
your warden

The Warden Achievement Awards 2004 recognise outstanding work by Neighbourhood Wardens who enhance the lives of communities across the country. Wardens everywhere make a difference on the street, bringing varied talents to the whole range of jobs they do, from working with children, to building strong partnerships, safety and improving the environment. This award scheme has been set up to acknowledge these achievements.

Justice Awards 2004 � Have you nominated
anyone yet?

The Justice Awards 2004 will recognise those individuals who are working extra hard
to put victims and witnesses at the heart of the service, to work in co-operation across agencies and to bring more offences to

Neighbourhood Management
Achievement Awards 2004

The awards recognise the achievement, dedication and hard work of individuals and groups in delivering the benefits of Neighbourhood Management to communities across the country.


Last update:  10 December 2004

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