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The Government’s Crime Reduction Strategy

The crime reduction strategy, published on 29 November 1999, sets out our approach to crime reduction and describes where we are now and where we are heading. It sets out the
next steps in the short to medium term in the fight against crime and summarises our approach in seven main areas. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive list of all crime
reduction initiatives, nor is it the final word on our crime reduction policies. We shall continue to examine the effectiveness of existing policies and the evidence which would
support their further development.

Although, the strategy is published against a background of recent falls in recorded crime – crime levels are high by international standards and high historically. Since 1918,
for example, recorded crime has risen on average by about 5% a year. In addition certain economic and demographic factors, such as an increase in the numbers of young men in the
population – which is the age group who are most likely to get involved in crime – could also lead the crime rate to rise. So concerted action is needed now, to drive crime down.


Our crime reduction strategy is an ambitious programme of work, which we believe has the potential to make major inroads
into levels of crime. But Government action alone cannot solve the problem and the potential benefits of the measures in our strategy will be greatly enhanced if the public get
involved in the process and communities also come together to take control of their neighbourhoods for the benefit of all. 

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