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Lost Property

I think I have lost some property. What do I need to do?

If you have lost some property you should report it to your local police station. Postcoding your property increases the chances of it being returned to you if the police find
it. Found property which cannot be identified is auctioned by some police forces.

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Motoring – Alcohol

How much alcohol can I drink and still be safe to drive?

You MUST NOT drive with a breath alcohol level higher than 35mg/100ml or a blood alcohol level of more than 80mg/100ml. However, due to many different factors, the police
advise the only safe limit is NOT to drink at all when you have to drive. Also bear in mind that you may still be unfit to drive in the evening after drinking at lunchtime,
or in the morning after drinking the previous evening.

Remember – it is also an offence to drive if impaired through drugs.

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Motoring – Bad weather and road closures

The weather conditions are very bad, can you tell me what roads are open?

This information should be available from local radio stations, on Teletext or from national motoring organisations or from some police force’s websites.

Please do not ring your local police station to try to obtain this information. In the event of poor weather officers are likely to be particularly busy dealing with road accidents,

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Motoring – Buying a second hand car

I want to buy a second hand vehicle but know there are risks involved. What can I do to minimise those risks?

To minimise the risks, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the car advert tell you to call at specific times?

  • Is the contact number given in the advert for a mobile telephone?

  • Does the person selling the vehicle insist on bringing it to you for viewing?

  • Can the seller produce a V5 registration document?

  • Does the V5 correctly describe the model, make, engine number and colour of the vehicle?

  • Does the same key fit all locks?

  • If the windows of the vehicle are etched, is the etched number the same as that on the registration plate?

  • Is the VIN number the same on the VIN plate (usually in the engine compartment) as that on the V5 or is there no VIN plate fitted?

  • Is there a stamped-in number on the VIN plate? If so, is it clearly readable?

  • Can the engine number be clearly read?

  • Will the person selling the vehicle accept a cheque, even if on condition they hold the car until the cheque clears?

  • Does the seller appear familiar with the vehicle?

  • Is the seller happy for you to carry out a hire purchase check?

If you are planning to buy a car, don’t take large amounts of cash with you unless you can do so in safety.

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Motoring – Car tax

In what circumstances do I have to display a tax disc?

Any �mechanically propelled� vehicle when used or kept on a public road must display a valid tax disc.

Are there any exemptions?

The following vehicles are exempt from displaying tax discs:

  • Fire engines

  • Ambulances

  • Some agricultural vehicles

  • Some electrically propelled vehicles

  • Invalid carriages

  • Road construction vehicles

  • Vehicles used solely for spreading material to deal with frost, ice and snow.

Vehicles are also exempt ONLY when:

  • Going to a test centre for a pre-booked MOT, stipulating the time and date

  • On an MOT test

  • After failing an MOT test, for the purpose of taking the vehicle to a pre-booked appointment at a garage to have the faults rectified.

Note: Some old vehicles may be classed as vintage vehicles and although they are not exempt from having to display a tax disc, the disc is free of charge.

My car tax is about to expire and I have not received my insurance certificate. The Post Office will not issue me with a new one. Can you make a record that I have rung so
I can drive the car until I get a new tax disc?

No, you cannot drive a car without a current tax disc.

My car tax disc ran out last night. Can I drive it for 14 days until I get another one?

No. There is no 14 day ‘grace’ – you must have a valid road tax disc.

My tax disc has been stolen. What should I do?

You can obtain a form to apply for a duplicate tax disc from a main post office. There is no exemption for driving a motor vehicle on the road because your excise licence has
been stolen – in this case an offence of failing to display is committed.

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