Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this site to report a crime?

No. In an emergency always dial 999. Other crimes may be reported at any police station. You can find links to your local police force at

Some non-emergency minor crimes may be reported via the internet using the facility at

If you’re not sure if a law has been broken if you should contact the police, then check our list of common police questions
and answers

Q: Where can I find information on a specific topic

There are two ways of finding information on this site. If you�re looking for something specific, then the easiest way is to click on the search button at the top of this page
and enter the name, or a short description, of what you�re looking for. If you just want to look at what we�ve got on the site and have a more general rummage around, then go to
Knowledgebase and click through the topic headings you�ll find. This will give you lists of what�s available on a given topic.

Q: Where can I get booklets / CD-ROMs for the Toolkits

Both booklets and CR-ROMs are available from Prolog distribution, tel: 0870 241 4680, fax: 0870 241 4786, email:

Q: When will the Toolkit on … be published?

The Toolkits are being released on a rolling programme, and we don’t have any fixed dates for publication of any given Toolkit at present. Most of the remaining Toolkits are receiving
their final review and should be published shortly.

Q: Where can I find summaries of statistical information?

There is a summary of recent major statistical bulletins maintained at /sta_index.htm.

Information on the most recent official Recorded Crime Figures is available at /statistics15.htm.

Information on the most recent British Crime Survey may be found at /statistics18.htm.

Research and statistical publications by the Home Office’s Research, Development and Statistics Directorate (RDS) can be found at

Q: Where can I get Home Office report�

The Crime Reduction Website doesn�t normally hold copies of other people�s reports if they�re available elsewhere, though we’ll often signpost them and give you a brief summary
of the main points.

Home Office statistical and research reports may be found at Other Home Office reports
may be found at

Q: What other crime reduction resources are available on the �net.

We maintain a list of UK resources at /websites31.htm.

And a list of overseas resources at /websites35.htm

UK-Online�s Dealing with Crime Life Event contains useful information for members of the public to consider.

Sold Secure, SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board), and the
(British Security Industry Association) websites contain lists of links to commercial companies approved by each of these organisations respectively.

Q: Why can I only access the ‘Audits’ part of the Partnerships Toolkit?

To answer a demand from partnerships, the Audit chapters (which are complete) have been published before the rest of this
. The links to the other chapters in the Toolkit will be added as soon as they are complete.

Q: How can I contact you?

For general feedback on the website, please use the
feedback form

To report technical problems (such as dead links) please use the
technical issues form

To send an email to the web team, please click here.

For all other enquiries, please use the Contact Us button at the top of this page.


Last update:  16 December 2004

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