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Publicity on the website has been sorted into 3 broad categories;

This is the Leaflets section. It contains publicity
leaflets on issues surrounding crimes against individuals and within
communities, and how to protect against them, for example:

  • Witnesses in court

  • Neighbourhood Watch

  • Home security

  • Vehicle security

All leaflets have been listed in date order, with the most recent

– This year


2002 and earlier

This year

‘Card Fraud The Facts 2004’

‘Card Fraud The Facts 2004’ is a booklet produced by APACS for
people with an interest in information concerning plastic card
fraud. The booklet highlights different types of card fraud, and
what prevention measures are being done.


Your Guide to Home Security

The Home Office’s latest advice on domestic security for the
public.  It covers doors, locks, windows, lighting, gardens,
sheds and surveillance. This leaflet replaces Beat the Burglar.

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Peace of Mind While You’re Away (revised)

Everyone needs a holiday some time. And however much we like our
homes, there is nothing like a change of scenery. But we all want to
come home and find everything as we left it. Almost half of all
burglaries happen when a flat or house is empty.

By following the tips set out in this leaflet, you can help to
make your home more secure while you are away. Read the tips here
and plan ahead. Tick off the items before you go.

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Peace of Mind While You Move Home (revised)

Moving home can be an exciting time and we
hope you enjoy your new home. However,
when you prepare to move home
there is
so much to think about to make
everything goes well. Burglars know this
may be on the lookout for a chance to
a crime.

Whether you are renting or buying,
your chances of being burgled are higher when you move home – both
before and after the move. The risk is even greater if you are

This leaflet gives you advice on how to make your home and
belongings more secure

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Coded for Keeps

Your possessions may mean a lot to you but to a thief they are
just another way of making easy cash. If stolen, you may be able to
replace your TV, video and hi-fi, but do you own things that would
be impossible to replace? These might include items of sentimental

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Release of Prisoners: Information for Victims of Serious Sexual
or other violent offences

The Release of Prisoners leaflet explains the role of the
Probation Service in telling victims or their families about what
has happened to an offender after he or she has been sentenced to
prison for a more serious offence.


Victims of Crime Leaflet

The Victims of Crime leaflet is given to victims of reported
crime. It explains broadly what happens when a crime is reported to
the police.


Beat the burglar (revised)

Make your home more secure MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THE BURGLAR.
Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. In two out
of ten burglaries they don’t even have to use force � they get in
through an open door or window.

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Personal Safety

Crime preventional advice providing three different leaflets to
assist personal safety.


Witness in Court leaflet

The Home Office has published a revised version of the
“Witness in Court” leaflet. The leaflet outlines the
process of going to court for those that have been called as either
a defence or prosecution witness. The guide is aimed as those new to
the process and outlines the court process, the obligations of the
witness and the help and support available to witnesses.


Beat the burglar

This publication was superseded by Your
Guide To Keeping Your Home Secure
in June 2002. It is reproduced
here for archive purposes only.


Neighbourhood Watch

Information on Neighbourhood Watch organisation, with an
additional leaflet providing safety tips and a detailed overview of
the Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

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What you can do to prevent theft from your farm

A farmer’s capital is spread over many acres in the form of stock
and equipment, much of which is portable and so is easy to steal.

The ease of access to most farms makes total security impossible
– but there’s a lot that you can do to reduce the risks. And it
doesn’t all involve extra expense.


2002 and earlier

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