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Home Survey Training Pack

The Home Survey Training Pack has been designed for use by
people working to reduce crime in their local area. It introduces
the basic principles of domestic surveying and encourages
individuals to get involved in reducing crime by carrying out
surveys in their neighbourhood.

The training pack can be used with a wide range of people,
including community groups, community support officers, and groups
of all ages. It has been written in a way that can be adapted to
specific groups and local initiatives.

The course is broken into three two and a half hour training
sessions to allow for flexibility in its delivery.

The Pack consists of:

Home Survey Training Brief

The training brief contains all the information you will need to
run the course it contains:

  • Guidance on how it should be used

  • Lesson plans

  • Trainer notes

  • Information points

  • Activities and questions

Download Home Survey Training Brief
Word 250 Kb

PowerPoint Presentations

Each training session has its own presentation.

Session A

  • Introductions and experiences

  • It�s not rocket science

  • Why do people burgle

  • Identifying Targets

  • Reducing your chances of becoming a victim

  • Introduction to the Home Security training package

  • The Ten Principles of Crime Prevention

  • Safety in the home

  • Summary and next actions

Download Session A PowerPoint
4Mb ! large file !

Session B

  • Survey feedback

  • Home Security – Perimeter

  • Home Security – Shell

  • Home Security – Interior

  • Summary and next actions

Download Session B PowerPoint

Session C

  • Survey feedback

  • Home Security – Why

  • Home Security – How

  • Home Security – Follow-up

  • Local initiatives

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Summary

Download Session B PowerPoint

Home Survey Journal

The Journal is a work book allowing students to make notes and
record their thoughts during the course. It can also be used to
record evidence of work if students are working towards a National
Occupational Standard.

Download Home Survey Journal
Word 130 Kb

Home Security – An Introduction to Domestic Surveying

The core of the training pack is the computer-based training
package “Home Security – An Introduction to Domestic

You should ensure that you have studied the home security package
and have a copy available before running a Home Survey Session.

View Introduction to Domestic

Course Certificate

Use this template to produce certificates for students who
complete your course.

Download Course Certificate
270 Kb

Further Information

If you would like further information or would like to feedback
any thoughts or ideas you have on this subject, please contact:
Simon Jones at:

Training Resource Solutions,
Home Office Crime Reduction Centre,
The Hawkhills, 
YO61 3EG
Tel:  01347 825081
Fax: 01347 825096 
E-mail: [email protected]



Last update:  20 January 2005

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