Diary of events


Diary of events


The views and ideas expressed at these events are not necessarily supported
or endorsed by the Home Office.

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All events have been listed in date order, with the nearest first.

– 2004
– 2005



11th January: The influential councilor: supporting councilors in planning
effectively for their communities

Organised by: LGA

Location: Cavendish Conference Centre,  London

Conference Aims: 
This conference is targeted at councillors from across the country with an
interest in the planning and development of their communities.

The conference provides:

  • an opportunity to hear from experts in the field on the key planning

  • a chance to find out more about training and development opportunities and
    the skills needed to make councillors more effective in their everyday
    engagement with issues of planning, sustainability and design. 

  • presentations and workshops will look at the development of effective
    relationship with their communities and partners.

  • tremendous potential to influence the design and good practice of
    effective and sustainable communities.

For more information contact:
Tel: 020 7664 3131 
Fax: 020 7863 9158
Email: [email protected]

11th January: Section 17 Crime and Disorder Act Conference: A whole authority approach
to crime and disorder

Organised by: Public Sector Strategies (PSS)

Location: Local Government House, Conference
Centre, Smith Square, London SW1

Conference Aims: 
Conference objectives include: 

  • To provide an overview of the Government’s objectives for local authority
    action in response to Section 17

  • To look at the role of Section 17 in the wider Safer Communities agenda

  • To examine a whole-authority approach to Section 17 in preparation for 2005/2006 CPA

  • To provide good practice case studies of Section 17 corporate policy and
    departmental Section 17 reviews

  • To examine the implications of Section 17 from an academic and legal perspective

For more information contact: 
Tel: 0118 933 2636
E-mail: [email protected]

13th January: Towards Safer and Stronger Communities?

Organised by: Neil Stewart Associates

Location: Immarsat Conference Centre, London, EC1

Conference Aims: 

This one day conference will 

  • consider how local authorities, police and other agencies can co-ordinate
    and streamline services on a local level to tackle anti-social behaviour
    head on. 

  • discuss the implications of managing agreed targets and strategies

  • examine best practice, measuring and assessing effectiveness

  • how to overcome barriers to success in tackling persistent local
    anti-social behaviour.

For more information contact: 
Tel: 020 7324 4330
Fax: 020 7490 8830
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.neilstewartassociates.com/li202

20-25th January: Transatlantic Innovation Event

Organised by: Centre for Public Innovation (CPI)

Location: Rensselaerville Institute (TRI), New York

Conference Aims: 
The 3 intensive course days at TRI comprise a series of master- classes,
interactive training exercises and workshops led by both CPI and TRI staff to
help delegates reach their full potential.

The theme of day one will be:

Opening up to the challenge; sharing experiences from UK and US; doubts and
fears; finding inspiration; seeing the way ahead.

The theme of day two will be:

Innovation and outcome tools in practice; addressing personal challenges;
finding support; making a commitment.

The theme of day three will be:

Making it definite; absorbing the learning; prepare for implementation;
develop further networks.

For more information contact: 
Patricia on 020 8675 5777
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.publicinnovation.org.uk

24th & 25th January: Raising Hope Reducing Fear

Organised by: Middlesbrough Moving Forward

Location: Middlesbrough Teaching & Learning Centre, Tranmere
Ave, Middlesbrough, TS3 8PB 

Conference Aims: 
The conference provides an insight into Middlesbrough’s Council CDRP Beacon
and its approach to tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime and Disorder. More
specifically it will look at:

  • ASB Action Areas

  • Environmental Protection

  • Licensing and Alcohol

  • Active Intelligence Mapping

  • RSLs and Stock Transfer

  • Gang Nuisance

  • Getting the most from a Warden Service

  • Legal Approaches

  • Dealing with Hazardous Materials

  • Fly Tipping/ Posting & Graffiti

For more information contact: 
Tel: Sian Bunn on 01642 201812
E-mail: [email protected]

26th & 27th January: Policy Review Crime and Justice Annual Conference

Organised by: Neil Stewart Associates

Location: Glaziers Hall, London SE1

Conference Aims: 
This 2 day conference will focus on the Home Office Strategic Plan 2004-2008
and government priorities for tackling crime and delivering justice over the
next 5 years. It will provide an effective forum for critical debate and enable
delegates to hear from the Government on their next steps for reducing crime.

For more information contact: 
Tel: Sarah Harbi on 020 7324 4372
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.neilstewartassociates.com/li205

31st January: Youth Summit Up!

Organised by: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Location: MICC, Manchester

Conference Aims: 
The event is for young people, organised by young people as part of their
Delivering Sustainable Communities Summit. Youth Summit Up is a chance for young
people to give their views on the following issues, which were identified by
young people themselves:

  • Having somewhere safe to play and hangout

  • Feeling safe on the streets

  • Being consulted on issues that affect young people.

For more information contact:
Visit the Office
of the Deputy Prime Minister website for an application form

31st January – 2nd February: Delivering Sustainable Communities

Organised by: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Location: Manchester

Conference Aims: 

The Summit will explore progress in delivering new and regenerated
sustainable communities since the publication of the Sustainable Communities
Plan in February 2003.

Subject categories include:

  • Crime, law and justice

  • Economic development and regeneration

  • Employment and jobseeking

  • Environment and waste management

  • Housing

  • Planning and built environment

  • Regional issues

  • Social inclusion

For more information:

Visit the website
or for details on registration click


3rd February: National ‘Market Place’ Event

Organised by: West Yorkshire police

Location: West Yorkshire police training school,

Conference Aims: 
Following the success of previous Market Place events, we are
now able to provide you with the details for the 2005 event. The
aim of this year�s Market Place is to provide a National Forum
for sharing good practice in the field of Crime Reduction and
Community Engagement, and therefore will be particularly useful to
people working in these areas.

Delegates are asked to put themselves forward to speak on an
initiative that they have been involved with, which they feel
other Police Forces may be interested in.

For more information contact: 
Tel: 01924 292386
Fax: 01924 292595
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.westyorkshire.police.uk

16th – 18th February: Police conference on drugs in Barcelona

Organised by: Centre for Public Innovation, in
conjunction with the Home Office

Location: Barcelona

Conference Aims: 
This international conference provides the first ever
opportunity for Law Enforcement Officers throughout Europe to meet
and exchange ideas and strategies for tackling the problem of
street level drug supply.

It gives delegates the chance to:

  • Hear speakers outline major initiatives

  • Learn about innovative methods of enforcement activity at workshops

  • Meet colleagues working in similar fields and develop networks to improve
    and share good ideas and good practice

  • Stay in touch afterwards through web-based forums

For more information contact: 
Web: www.policingdrugs.com
Tel: 020 8675 5777 
E-mail: [email protected]


21st & 22nd March: 20th Biennial Conference 

Organised by: WA Branch (Australian Crime Prevention

Location: The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Conference Aims:  

The theme of the conference is ‘Trends in Crime Prevention – A multi-tiered

This conference will examine the effectiveness of current initiatives at
various levels and seek to highlight the areas of greatest potential impact.
Through papers, workshops and panel sessions the delegates will determine the
priority focus for those decision makers who have the responsibility and
resources for implementing crime prevention initiatives at all levels.

For more information contact:
E-mail: [email protected]
Download the form
PDF (143 Kb)




7th June: Meeting Drug Treatment Needs: Innovative Strategies for Quality,
Accessible Services

Organised by: Neil Stewart Associates

Location: London

Conference Aims:
This conference will look at the latest innovative strategies to reduce
drug addiction and improve treatment, including increasing service
accessibility, reaching previously marginalised communities, including
minority ethnic groups, and effective cross-sector provision, including
working with employment, housing and education services.

Bringing together drug treatment agencies, healthcare professionals, Drug
Action Teams, commissioners and service providers, the conference features a
range of plenary and seminar sessions on the latest good practice and how this
can be disseminated.  

For more information contact:
Tel: 020 7324 4330
Fax: 020 7490 8830
E-mail: [email protected]


Looking Ahead in 2005…


19th – 21st October: Changing lives:
building futures

Organised by: LGA and ADSS national social services conference joining
with LGA annual education conference


The conference will provide an opportunity to consider issues of community
engagement, education, outcome focused services, social care, choice, life long
learning, innovation and excellence in service provision. Underpinning this work,
and a key theme for this conference,
will be building and supporting the staff that will deliver these services.

more information contact:
Tel: 020 7664 3131
E-mail: [email protected]

Alternatively you can visit
the website for further information.



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