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Reading Lists

New Practitioners

If you are new to crime reduction/community safety,
the list below should help you to target your initial
reading around the subject. The titles have been
selected for their importance or wide coverage – there
are so many areas and specialist topics where there are
more in depth reports that we will add subject reading
lists and an advanced practitioners’ reading list at a
later stage, along with details of specific recommended

View new practitioners’ reading

Advanced Practitioners 

The advanced practitioners’ reading list is a
selection of titles that you may find useful as you go
deeper into crime reduction and community safety work.
Most of them are published commercially and incur a
cost, although some are available free via the internet.

View advanced
practitioners’ reading list



Crime Reduction Centre Digest

Crime Reduction News (CRN) is aimed at all those involved in devising
and supporting strategies in the area of crime reduction. It’s hoped the
magazine will become a valuable and practical tool. Along with
highlighting new professional resources that are available and pointing
you in the right direction to get more information, it’ll also showcase
many areas of best practice through case studies, interviews and profiles.

Crime Reduction News

The Digest contains information on schemes
and initiatives on crime
reduction/prevention.  It’s produced on
a quarterly basis and contain details of
initiatives that have been used around the
country in an attempt to cut crime, along
with new publications and summaries of
research findings. The Digest is distributed
free of charge to crime reduction

the Crime Reduction Centre Digest

Resource Packs

Reducing Burglary Resource Pack

Reducing Vehicle Crime Resource Pack

Most burglaries are
carried out by opportunist thieves. In 2 /10
burglaries, they don’t even have to use force –
they get in through an open door or window.
Thankfully there are some simple steps we can take
to protect our property. Some ideas and practical
tools have been put together to make it easier to
get the message across.

Reducing Burglary
Resource Pack

Vehicle crime accounts
for around a fifth of recorded crime, and causes
immense distress and inconvenience to its victims.
Research has highlighted the opportunistic nature
of car crime, particularly thefts from cars of
personal belongings. If we can encourage motorists
not to leave their belongings on display, we have
a good chance of reducing thefts from cars, which
account for nearly 2/3 of all vehicle crime.

The aim of this resource pack is to empower
motorists to take practical steps to reduce their
risk of vehicle crime in their local area and, to
help reduce crime and fear of crime

Reducing Vehicle
Crime Resource Pack



Last update:  19 October 2004

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