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Crime Reduction Partnerships

Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act established partnerships between the police, local authorities, probation service, health authorities, the voluntary sector,
and local residents and businesses. These partnerships are working to reduce crime and disorder in their area by following this process:

Establishing the levels of crime and disorder problems in their area, and consulting widely with the population of that area to make sure that the partnership�s perception matches
that of local people, especially minority groups, such as gay men and lesbians, or members of ethnic minorities.

Devising a strategy containing measures to tackle those priority problems. This is to include targets, and target owners for each of the priority areas. The strategy will last
for three years, but must be kept under review by the partnership.

The first strategies were published by 1 April 1999, and the 376 partnerships are currently implementing them.

An extensive programme of research, training, seminars and consultancy support has been put in place to help the partnerships achieve real and sustained reductions in crime and

If you want to know more about what is happening in your area, contact your local authority�s community safety section or your local police.

The Government has provided comprehensive guidance for statutory partnerships. To view a copy of the document click here.

Date modified: 24 January 2001
Review date: May 2001
Originator: Home Office

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