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Publications on the website have been sorted into 6 broad
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This is the Crime & Work / School section. It contains
publications on issues surrounding crimes in the work environment, and
how to protect against them, for example:

  • Violence in the workplace

  • Theft in the workplace 

  • Student safety

  • Business and Retail Crime

All publications have been listed in date order, with the most
recent first.

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Business Crime Advice

Protecting your staff, premises and profits from crime makes very good
business sense. This information can help you identify the risks and take action
against them. It gives top tips on reducing crime for all types and sizes of
businesses and tells you where to go for further advice.

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Setting Business Free from Crime

Given that crime remains a very serious issue for business, The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have conducted a further Crime against Business
Survey to the initial
survey in 2001. The survey aims to illustrate the current extent, nature and impact of crime experienced by businesses.
Their purpose is to inform government and policy-makers of the crime problems
businesses face and to provide some indication as to what the next steps should be.

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Retail Strategy Group Crime Report

Retail crime is of social and economic importance and can be directly linked
to increases in drug and alcohol dependency. Retail Crime can take the form of
verbal or physical abuse towards employees, burglary, and damage to retail
premises, fraud or internal theft by employees. Many criminal acts will carry a
direct financial cost but many incidents will place emotional burdens on
retailers and their employees. This report looks at work in hand to reduce
retail crime and offers case studies where retail crime has been successfully

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University Student Safety

University is frequently the first experience that young people have of living away from home. Consequently, students often have little background knowledge or experience of crime reduction measures. This, coupled with the concentration of portable high-value items (such as laptop computers and hi-fi systems) that students often own, makes them likely targets for property crime. 

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School Arson: Education Under Threat

Arson attacks on schools exact a huge cost in terms of the damage and disruption they cause. Insurers estimate that just over £65 million worth of insured damage was caused to schools by deliberately started fires in 2001. However, the true cost of arson attacks on schools is much higher as each fire results in the use of resources by the fire brigade and police, while staff, pupils and parents can suffer considerable inconvenience and disruption.

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How to combat arson in schools

This guide is addressed primarily at school governors, head teachers, school premises managers, LEAs and local authority risk managers. It aims to alert those responsible for school premises to the continuing dangers of arson attacks on schools, and suggests means by which such potential can be reduced.

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The Current Situation

Crime is a cause of concern for many businesses. We do not have a full picture of the extent to which crime affects business as in most instances crime reports do not differentiate between whether the victim was an individual or a business.

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Understanding Occupational Violence

Violence in the workplace is an emerging problem affecting increasing numbers of workers and employers. Across the industrialised world, significant levels of low-level violence such as abuse and threats are now being reported in a range of jobs.

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