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This is the Publications and Publicity section.
Publications and Publicity on the website have been sorted into 4 main areas,
outlined briefly below:


You can find copies of most guidance, reports, information and
data relating to crime reduction in our publications area. It
contains material from around the UK and overseas in all sectors. To
try and make this wealth of information easier to understand, we’ve
broken it down into 6 main areas:

You’ll also find some reports in our Research
, which uses the same classifications.

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Publicity contains details of campaigns, materials and resources
published to raise public awareness of what  each of us can do
to reduce crime.

  • The resource packs area
    contains materials – artwork, sample stories and press releases,
    posters, etc. – that partnerships can use in their own local

  • The leaflets area contains copies
    of leaflets issued by the Home Office and other agencies.

  • The publicity campaigns area
    gives details of active and past campaigns.

Visit the Publicity area.


This area of the site contains details of government consultation
documents with a crime reduction or community safety angle. We’ll
try to track each consultation throughout the process, covering

  • Original consultation papers

  • Summaries of comments

  • Interim and final official responses

  • Copies of final papers/guidance, where appropriate (eg where
    consultation on a set of official guidance has taken place)

the consultations area


Crime Reduction News (CRN) is aimed at all those involved in
devising and supporting strategies in the area of crime reduction
and the Digest is produced quarterly in January, April, July and
October by the Crime
Reduction Centre
Information Team and is issued to Crime
Reduction/Community Safety Practitioners nation-wide. Both these
journals are available to read and to download through the website.

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Journals section



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Last update:  04 February 2005

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