Recorded Crime Statistics: 12 months to March 2001

Recorded Crime Statistics for the year to March 2001
have been published by the Home Office. The stats show
an overall decrease in crime of 2.5%, with significant
falls in the levels of vehicle crime and burglary. Violent
crime, however, has shown a continued increase albeit
at a reduced rate when compared to the last set of statistics
for the year to September 2000.

The key findings of the report were as follows:

  • 5.2 million offences were recorded in the 12 months
    to March 2001, down 2.5% per cent on the previous
    12 months.

  • Violent crime accounted for 14% of all recorded
    crime. Violence against the person was up 3%, robberies
    rose 13%, and sexual offences fell by 1%.

  • Burglary fell by 8%, including a 9% fall in domestic

  • Thefts of and from vehicles fell by 7%.

  • 24% of all crime, including 55% of all violent
    crimes were detected in the 12 months to March 2001.

The report also includes for the first time a breakdown
of reported crime by Crime & Disorder Reduction
Partnership (CDRP) and by police Basic Command Unit
(BCU), although the Home Office have been keen to stress
that these should not be viewed as league tables. This
data may be downloaded independently of the whole report,
as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Also published on the same day were a set
of briefings
based on the British
Crime Survey (BCS) 2000
, titled

  • Burglary: Practice Messages from
    the British Crime Survey

  • Vehicle Related Thefts: Practice
    Messages from the British Crime Survey

  • Stranger and Acquaintance Violence:
    Practice Messages from the British Crime Survey

  • Anti-social Behaviour and Disorder:
    Findings from the 2000 British Crime Survey

  • Installing Alley-gates: Practical
    Lessons from Burglary Prevention Projects


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