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Street Robbery

Protect your Mobile Phone

Thousands of mobile phones are being stolen by street robbers every
month and young people are especially vulnerable. By taking a few simple
steps you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of mobile phone

What you can do to protect your phone:

By providing the police with some basic information about your phone,
you can make it more difficult for a thief to use it. Please record the
details requested on this page and store them in a safe place.

These details may be needed by the police if you report your phone
stolen. The 15-digit serial or IMEI number helps to
identify your phone and can be accessed by keying *#06#
into most phones or by looking behind the battery of
your phone. This number could help the police to trace
ownership quickly.

  • Always use your phone�s security lock code or PIN

  • Security mark the battery (and phone) with your
    postcode and street number or the first two letters
    of your house name. For more information on security
    marking, contact the crime prevention officer at
    your local police station.

  • Register your phone with the operator. If you report
    your phone stolen, the operator should then be able
    to bar the SIM card.

  • When using your phone, remain aware of your surroundings
    and do not use it in crowded areas or where you
    feel unsafe.

  • Avoid displaying your phone where it is in public
    view. Keep it with you at all times and do not leave
    it unattended.

If your phone is stolen, please give these details to the police:

  • Fascia details

  • Phone number

  • Serial/IMEI number

  • PIN number


Street robbers are cowards, help us catch a coward

If you know who has taken your mobile phone, or have any information
about anyone involved in criminal activity, please call Crimestoppers

Call anonymously with information about crime


0800 555 111

You could get a cash reward

Date checked: 9 May 2002
Review date: September 2002
Originator: Home Office Action Against Crime & Disorder

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