Car Theft Index 1999


Vehicle Crime


The Car Theft Index 1999

Vehicle crime accounts for just over one-fifth of all crimes recorded
by the police. Although the number of crimes has been falling steadily
since 1992, around 400,000 vehicles are still stolen every year

The Car Theft Index shows makes and models of car that are most at
risk of being stolen in England, Scotland and Wales, but does not
attempt to highlight regional trends. It is based on 1998 theft data
taken from the Police National Computer (PNC) and on information
provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
on the number of cars on the road. Not all models of car are included in
the Index. Only those where there were sufficient numbers on the road to
provide statistically reliable results are shown.

This Index is an improvement on the 1997 Car Theft Index as it
includes a more extensive breakdown of car models.

Car Theft Index

Download The Car Theft Index 1999 PDF 635Kb

A description of the method
used to compile the report is also available


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