Plan confronts binge drinking  


Plan confronts binge drinking


Plan confronts binge drinking

According to a recent report
by the Government’s Strategy Unit, binge drinking costs the
British economy around �20 billion a year
through crime and disorder, injuries and
illness. Approximately 70% of weekend Accident &
Emergency admissions are currently alcohol related.

Title: Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England
Strategy Unit
Date published:
15 March 2004
Number of pages:

This has prompted the
Government’s Strategy Unit to unveil a plan to
combat England’s culture of binge drinking. The
“Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England” –
published today by the Prime Minister’s Strategy
Unit – aims to target alcohol-related harm
without ruining people’s enjoyment.

The paper proposes measures to
deal with alcohol-related disorder in town and
city centres, clamp down on irresponsible
alcohol promotion by the industry and provide
better information and treatment. The Government
has accepted all its conclusions.

Key measures include:

  • Putting a “sensible drinking”
    message clearly on bottles along with unit

  • Using a codes of conduct set
    at a local level by a partnership of the
    industry, police, and licensing panels, and
    led by the Local Authority;

  • Greater use of fixed-penalty
    fines for anti-social behaviour;

  • Better enforcing existing
    rules on under-age drinking; and

  • Creating alcohol education
    programmes for schools

Download the full version of
Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy For England

PDF 407 KB


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