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Partnership Support Programme

The Home Office is funding Crime Concern and NACRO to deliver a programme of consultancy and support services for local crime and disorder partnerships. The objective is to help partnerships improve their performance on reducing crime through a programme of practical help and guidance on tackling some of the problem issues they are facing. 

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Getting Involved: Investing in your Community

Your Community
There is a lot you can do outside your home and family to prevent crime. You can take action by getting together with other people and working in partnership with the police to reduce crime in your area. You can help in simply being alert and observant when out and about in your neighbourhood – or you could apply to join the Special Constabulary. Anyone can play some part, however great or small.


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Information Sharing & Data Exchange Helpline

Crime & Disorder Partnerships
Confident and effective exchange of data is the key to multi-agency working. The Government is keen that agencies should share data in a proper manner, which will contribute to reducing crime and disorder.

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Crime Reduction Program

Information providing links to different ‘Crime Reduction Program’ publicity

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Domestic Violence: Publicity and Awareness Raising

The “Break the Chain” campaign.
An initial need recognised by the former Official Group on Domestic Violence was to promote publicity and awareness in a practical way that would bring some immediate help to domestic violence survivors. The Break the Chain campaign was launched with a new leaflet containing information for survivors and

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