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Crime Prevention

Crime Reduction

  • Home & Property Security
    Burglary resources pack, Peace of mind while you’re away, Neighbourhood Watch, Beat the Burglar, Coded for Keeps, Home Security: An Introduction to Domestic Surveying.

  • Personal Safety
    The best way to cut the risk of attack is by taking sensible precautions. Most people already do this as part of their everyday lives, often without realising it.

  • Mobile Phones
    A 5-minute guide advising on how to keep your mobile phone safe.

  • Vehicle Crime
    Car Break-In Resources Pack, Tackling Vehicle Crime, the work of the Vehicle Crime Action Group, The Vehicle Theft Index.

  • Your Practical Guide to Crime Prevention
    Information about crime and what you can do to prevent it.

  • Know the law
    Not sure what to do about an abandoned car on your street or a dangerous dog in the area? Check out our list of commonly asked police questions.

  • Retail and Business Crime
    Preventing Violence Against Staff, Customer Fraud, Customer Theft, Burglary.

  • Reduce the chance of garden crime
    Applying crime prevention advice to sheds and gardens.

  • Local Partnerships
    Partnerships between the police, local authorities, the voluntary sector, and local residents and businesses are working to reduce crime and disorder in their areas.

  • Help and Advice Sources

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