Raising the performance of the police and the Crime & Disorder reduction partnerships


Crime Reduction Strategy


Raising the performance of the police and the Crime & Disorder reduction partnerships

At the heart of the strategy are the new steps we will be taking to ensure that every local Crime & Disorder reduction partnership (of which there are 376 in England and Wales)
and police force is performing to their maximum potential. This will involve both establishing clear arrangements for performance monitoring and providing effective support. One
of the key aspects are the targets that the police and local authorities (through the Crime & Disorder reduction partnerships) will set themselves to reduce vehicle crime,
domestic burglary and robberies. This together with the publication of crime statistics at the level of individual police divisions and by reference to partnership areas, will
enable constructive debate about the performance of the key local services in reducing crime and disorder and help drive up their performance.

The drive for better performance goes hand in hand with support for the work of the partnerships and new resources, tools and technology for the police, and to this end we are
providing: an extensive programme of research, training and seminars for the partnerships; establishing regional Crime Reduction Directors to provide a source of practical support
for the partnerships at local level; a new national Crime Reduction Task Force to provide a focus for the work of the partnerships at national level; a new Crime Fighting Fund,
part of which will be used to recruit, train and pay 5,000 police officers over and above the number that forces would otherwise have recruited, a huge injection of money to expand
the DNA database, and an investment in a new national communications system.

Crime Targets Task Force
December 1999

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