Dealing effectively with adult offenders


Crime Reduction Strategy


Dealing effectively with adult offenders

Crime reduction is not just about reacting to crime, we also need to reduce and prevent reoffending. That requires both fast, effective justice when crime is committed to ensure
that offenders can quickly be apprehended and brought to justice and effective sentencing and punishment to ensure that appropriate and effective penalties are available, that
they are properly targeted and that they are effectively enforced.

We are instituting procedural reforms designed to reduce delays in criminal proceedings; we are modernising procedure and improving information flows throughout the criminal justice;
we are providing constructive regimes in the Prison Service that address offending behaviour and improve educational and work skills; we are tackling drug addiction in prison;
we are taking action to ensure that offenders comply with their community sentences; and we are encouraging better targeted and more consistent sentences.

Crime Targets Task Force
December 1999

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