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Crime Reduction Centre Digest

The Digest quarterly journal is published in January, April, July
and October by the Crime
Reduction Centre
Information Services Team and is issued to
Crime Reduction/Community Safety Practitioners nation wide.

When it began in the late 1980s, the Digest was as a means of
keeping students on Crime Prevention courses in touch with crime
prevention work. Since then it has developed into an important
medium for communicating and sharing crime reduction information
with practitioners, particularly those involved in Crime and
Disorder Reduction Partnerships.

The Editor gathers material through direct contributions,
environmental scanning and proactive sourcing of information but, as
the Digest is a forum for practitioners to share their ideas and
experiences, it relies heavily on practitioners’ contributions.

The Digest, including back issues, are available online here and
a PDF version is also available to practitioner organisations who
want to publish it on Intranets or print for wider use. For example,
some police forces copy relevant sections for working groups within
partnerships or Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and available

October 2004


  • The Tilley Award Winners 2004

  • Community Safety Booklets

  • Improving Confidence in Justice

  • Out on the town – and out of control? Reducing
    alcohol-related crime and disorder

  • Identity Theft Prevention website

  • Annual Youth Justice Convention 2004

  • Assessing the impact of the Reducing Burglary Initiative
    in southern England and Wales

October 2004 Digest

PDF 636Kb

July 2004


  • Burglaries & Crime in Student Campus Accommodation 

  • Grand in the Hand Helps Tackle Anti-social Behaviour

  • National Domestic Violence Helpline

  • Questionnaire on community safety qualifications

  • Vehicle Crime Information Pack

  • Card Fraud Prevention Leaflet

  • Safer Places: The Planning System and Crime Prevention

Download July 2004 Digest
PDF 515Kb


April 2004


  • Cannabis is STILL illegal

  • Avon & Somerset put Bristol’s students in space

  • Watch Over Me

  • Operation Eskell

  • Safer Homes Initiative

  • International Community Justice Awards

  • Best Practice? Finding your way through the fog

Download April 2004 Digest
PDF 443Kb


January 2004


  • Win a digital

  • Building Civil Renewal

  • Philip Lawrence Awards

  • Experimenting… with Drugs

  • Take Stock of Your Lock

  • Hats off to crime

  • Safe and Sound in Teeside

Download January 2004 Digest
PDF 707Kb


October 2003


  • Passport to Crime Reduction

  • Operation Safer Travel

  • Beggars given the yellow card

  • Crime prevention measures for rights of way

  • Identity theft: Do you know the signs?

  • The new politics of crime and punishment

  • The effectiveness of Neighbourhood Watch

Download October 2003 Digest
PDF 1400Kb


July 2003


  • Burglaries to student campus accommodation

  • National evaluation of CCTV

  • Secure garden quiz

  • Cash point (ATM): Evaluation of ‘Personal Defensible

  • Private hire taxi drivers’ safety code

  • Rizer – Youth crime reduction initiative

  • Too cool 4 booze

Download July 2003 Digest
PDF 783Kb


April 2003


  • Communities First Golf project

  • Lancsafe vehicle crime reduction project

  • The Tower project

  • Drug use in vulnerable groups

  • Designing out crime

  • Community Safety Calendar

  • 40 years of the Crime Reduction Centre

Download April 2003 Digest
PDF 1023Kb


January 2003


  • A guide to ASBOs & ABCs

  • Drugs & Alcohol reports

  • Lost property day

  • Operation Garden Guard

  • Automatic number plate recognition

  • Secure Schools initiative

  • Youth inclusion programmes

Download January 2003 Digest
PDF 687Kb


October 2002


  • Communicating crime reduction

  • Strategies for reducing arson

  • Domestic property surveys training programme

  • Review of CCTV effectiveness

  • RaceActionNet

  • A new approach to offending patterns

  • Summer Splash

Download October 2002 Digest
PDF 964Kb


July 2002


  • Messages broadcast in supermarkets

  • Secured car parks

  • Design against crime case studies

  • Property marking kit

  • Keep keys safe

  • Scared of the kids?

  • Youth shelters and sports systems

Download July 2002 Digest
PDF 516Kb


April 2002


  • Active communities FAQ

  • An apple a day keeps the burglars at bay

  • Hotel watch

  • Recognising and managing the drives of crime

  • Say No And Phone (SNAP)

  • Pub/CDRP partnerships

  • Security at places of worship

  • Text messaging service for hard of hearing

Download April 2002 Digest
PDF 694Kb


January 2002


  • An evaluation of the impact of Crimestoppers

  • Stop, Chain Check

  • Making PLANS for CCTV

  • Crime & policing – the experience of ethnic

  • Operation Ringtone

  • Chat safe

  • Bullying online

Download January 2002 Digest
PDF 941Kb



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