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This page contains information on facilities available from the
site including methods of navigation and links to sites giving accessibility
advice and information on browsing the site with screen reader

This page is available from every page on the Crime Reduction

About the Site

The Crime Reduction Website contains information, guidance advice
and statistics from crime reduction partners on a host of crime
reduction topics and initiatives. Over time it has become the no.1
online information resource for the crime reduction practitioner.
The site is deliberately designed to be text-rich with few graphics
making pages fast to download and easy to print on a variety of

The site is interactive. Crime reduction partnerships and
practitioners, statutory agencies, and the voluntary and community
sector can submit material for inclusion on the website using the submission
. The site includes ‘Discussion
‘ to encourage debate and the exchange of experience and
ideas. You can also submit inititiatives to the Ideas
, and discuss the projects there with other users. It
also signposts other relevant websites and information sources.

The website was developed by the Home Office in partnership with
the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the Local
Government Association, Crime Concern and NACRO. It is managed on
behalf of the UK crime reduction community by the Home Office Crime
Reduction Centre.

Using the Site

The site can be navigated in several ways:

  • Using the search box on every page to jump directly to the
    item that your looking for

  • Using the main navigation menu to visit main facilities on
    the site, such as site search, publications and publicity
    categories, research information, or this help page

  • Using ‘Related Links’ on the right of each content page to
    jump to related web pages both within the Crime Reduction
    Website and beyond.

  • Using the Home button in the left of the top navigation bar
    to return to the beginning of the site and then browsing the
    Latest Additions items and main categories of the site.

The options in the top area provide the following links:

  • image
    Links to the Crime Reduction Website homepage

  • New search engine:
    Allows you to enter some free text and jump directly the
    item you’re looking for

The options in the left navigation bar provide the following

  • Home page
    Provides a link to the home page of the Crime Reduction

  • News page 
    This page provides the latest press releases relevant to
    crime prevention interests.

  • Ideas and Initiatives 
    This area contains the Idea Exchange and the Toolkits,
    whilst including information on Awards, Funding, and Journals.

  • Learning zone  
    Provides information on crime reduction training and learning
    opportunities for everyone involved or interested in crime
    reduction and community safety.

  • Publications and Publicity 
    This area contains crime prevention publications and
    publicity information, in the form of guidance, legislation,
    journals, consultation, resource packs, leaflets etc.

  • Research 
    This section provides research and statistical information
    on all categories of crime prevention

  • Discussion Forum  
    Exchange ideas, advice and experience with other crime reduction

  • Mini sites  
    Small self-contained areas of the website, each dedicated to a
    specific topic

  • Links 
    This section provides useful crime prevention links to many
    external organisations and sources.

The options in the bottom left corner ‘Site info.’ provide:

  • Contact us  
    Links to a feedback form and contact page

  • Site Help 
    Links to this page

  • Site map 
    The site map provides a breakdown of all areas of the Crime
    Reduction Website.

  • Frequently asked questions  
    Some questions we hear a lot…

  • Privacy Policy 
    This page provides administration information

  • Copyright 
    This page provides administration information

  • Submissions guide 
    Provides information on submitting a piece of work for the
    Crime Reduction Website

Related links

Related links to other files of interest for further specific
information can be found on the right hand column of the page.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Some documents in this site are stored in Adobe Portable Document
Format (PDF). This file format is used to store document with
complex formatting that the authors would like to preserve
(typically text in several columns and mixed with a number of
graphics). Files in this format will have the PDF symbol, ,
next to them. To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe�
Acrobat� Reader installed: click the link below to download the

Last update: 9 September 2004

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