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The Ideas & Initiatives Section of the site has been divided
into 5 sections to give you as much information as we can of all
aspects of putting together your initiative.

Ideas Exchange

Contains a database of ideas and initiatives on all crime reduction
topics. It can be handy for getting a few quick ideas. Don’t forget,
though, that what works in one location will not automatically work
everywhere (or anywhere) else and you’ll need to consider those
factors that are most relevant to your area

We’re also interested to hear about your ideas and initiatives.
If you’ve done something, or have an innovative initiative planned,
then let us know through the Ideas Exchange’s ‘What
are you doing
‘ form.

the Ideas Exchange


Gives details of award-winning schemes from around the UK and
beyond. It also includes instructions on how to enter future
competitions. Awards covered include:

  • Tilley Awards

  • British Community Safety Awards

  • European Crime Prevention Award

  • Phillip Lawrence Award

  • Crime Prevention Through Design

  • Taking A Stand

Go to the Awards section


In these pages we’ve tried to bring together as much information
as we can on where you can apply for funding for crime reduction
schemes, and on those awards that have been made over recent years.
We’ve brought together details from 23 funding streams that are
available to Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships.

Visit the Funding area


Crime Reduction News (CRN) is aimed at all those involved in
devising and supporting strategies in the area of crime reduction
and the Digest is produced quarterly in January, April, July and
October by the Crime
Reduction Centre
Information Team and is issued to Crime
Reduction/Community Safety Practitioners nation-wide. Both these
journals are available to read and to download through the website.

Go to the Journals section


Toolkits are consolidated and comprehensive guidance covering the
main areas of crime and criminality. They have been developed by a
range of practitioners and policy makers from government, police,
local authorities, voluntary groups and others.

We’re updating the content and format of the Toolkits throughout
2004. The first to have been updated is Audits
& Strategies
. You can see which ones we’ve updated by
looking for the little blue icons on the Toolkits home page.

View Toolkits home page.

Last update: 8 December 2004

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