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Neighbourhood Warden Achievement Award Winners 2005

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Local heroes who have helped improve the lives of their neighbours, have been honoured at the Neighbourhood Warden Achievement Awards 2005. Seven wardens and four warden teams from around England were winners and a further nine were commended. The awards were presented at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s National Wardens’ Conference 2005, ‘Building Respect in the Community’. Prizes for the winners are a trophy and a £1000 cheque to be used for the benefit and development of their warden scheme.

Their successes include:

  • walking 250 miles, the equivalent of London to Paris, to map 1500 CCTV cameras from 170 different organisations in a city centre

  • working to ensure elderly people are safe and having fun at Tea Dances and other outings

  • setting up junior warden schemes with more than 200 young people as members

  • playing a key role in a child protection case

  • providing a gardening equipment library to encourage residents to make their own improvements to their community

  • reducing incidents of arson and unauthorised break-ins

Winning wardens come from Bedford, Birmingham, Colchester, London, Rotherham, Salford, St. Neots, Tameside and Thurrock. Colchester and Rotherham were particularly successful in receiving double awards.

Neighbourhood Wardens deal with problems such as fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and graffiti. They also act as a bridge between disaffected and socially isolated sections of the community who would otherwise not be able to access services provided by local agencies there to help.

Those who become wardens are local people, employed to work in partnership with other agencies to address the issues that affect quality of life for their fellow citizens. Their uniformed presence provides both reassurance and a recognisable point of contact, promoting and assisting community safety, peace of mind, environmental improvement and housing management.

The Neighbourhood Warden Achievement Awards 2005


WINNER: Kelly Jones, Neighbourhood Wardens, Rotherham.

Starting in her local warden scheme for work experience, Kelly has in two years risen to become Warden Supervisor, making her one of the youngest in this role in the country. She has set up various initiatives for young people including clubs, and acts as a link between her warden team and the town’s junior wardens, helping ensure they grow up with respect for their communities.

COMMENDED: Community Wardens, Hull.


WINNER: Sonny Sandhu, City Centre Street Wardens, Birmingham.

Sonny has been a key individual in the success of the Circle of Deterrent scheme, which brought together more than 1500 private and public CCTV systems to cover Birmingham City and its approach roads. He helped map cameras belonging to more than 160 organisations, walking over 250 miles around Birmingham, the equivalent distance of London to Paris. The scheme has played an important role in helping police track criminal activity in the city centre.

COMMENDED: Steven Dwyer, Heywood NDC Neighbourhood Wardens, near Rochdale, Lancashire.


WINNER: Janet Teece, Patroller Cadets, Tameside.

Janet has set up a cadet scheme to enable young people to obtain qualifications to help them pursue a career in the uniformed services. Young people are employed by their local council for two years and receive extensive training including work placements.

COMMENDED: City Rangers, Cambridge.


WINNER: John Parks, Neighbourhood Wardens, Rotherham.

Managing the scheme since 2003, John has been successful in securing more than £1 million in funding, resulting in 36 new wardens being planned for Rotherham. He has also built up the Junior Warden scheme to more than 200 members.

COMMENDED: Philip Bertie, Castle Vale Community Wardens, Birmingham.


WINNER: Mellissa Marshall, Luminus Group Street Wardens, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire.

Mellissa works as a Travellers’ Liaison Officer acting as a link betweens the community and the travellers, helping ensure any issues, problems or concerns that arise are dealt with promptly. She tackles issues such as pollution, health and education.

COMMENDED: Caroline Massey, City Centre Street Wardens, Birmingham.


WINNER: Community Street Wardens, Colchester.

The team has significantly contributed towards improving the lives of older people in the city, through working with them to determine their needs. The wardens carry out various activities, including helping older people settle in at home after hospital stays, work to combat bogus callers, making security visits to elderly people’s homes while they are away and organise outings for them, including Tea Dances.

COMMENDED: Paul Fairman, King’s Cross Street Wardens, London.


WINNER: Community Street Wardens, Colchester.

The team has drawn up agreements with businesses which have helped improve public areas to make them cleaner, safer and greener through the removal graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned supermarket trolleys and cars. Young people have also been engaged through the establishment of a football club. They have also set up a garden equipment library to encourage residents to make their own improvements to their community.

COMMENDED: Sandwell Street Wardens, West Midlands.


WINNER: Seedley and Langworth Community Wardens, Salford.

Improvements have been made to the lives of the community through the team’s action, including dealing with fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and reporting defective street lighting. They ensure unoccupied properties are secure in order to prevent problems such as arson, with a drop from 1,300 to 173 of occurrences of unauthorised entrances into void properties in the Salford area over a period of one year. They have also established a junior warden scheme in conjunction with local schools.

COMMENDED: Bellingham and Downham Wardens, Luminus Group Street Wardens, Lewisham.


JOINT WINNER: Gary Burchmore, Street Rangers, Bedford.

Gary, who cycles daily around his estate to identify any problems, is an important link between the community, the local authority and other agencies such as the police. He set up community street and park clean-up days and established an environmental project and a football club for young people. He has also helped secure funds for a drug awareness project for young people.

JOINT WINNER: Council Park Wardens, Thurrock.

The Thurrock Park Wardens Scheme has been recognised for their work in engaging their community and specifically the black and minority ethnic community of Thurrock in art, sport, music and environmental improvement projects designed to foster a sense of community spirit.


WINNER: Kwami Agbo, Clapton Street Crime Wardens, London.

Kwami has worked tirelessly to engage with young people, in a bid to stop them turning to crime or re-offending, by ensuring they feel involved in decisions affecting them. He has given up his free time to help disabled and older people. Kwami also played a key role in a child protection case.

The Personal Achievement Award presented in previous years has been re-named the ‘Noel Nelson Personal Achievement Award’ in recognition of Noel Nelson from Stamford Hill Wardens Scheme (a commendee for the Personal Achievement Award 2003) who died tragically on 10 November 2004, ag
ed only 37.

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