Partnership Assessment and Delivery System – Guidance for partnerships

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PADS Guidance for partnerships

The Partnership Assessment and Delivery System (PADS) is the system used by the Home Office to track performance by Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) and to plan interventions in underperforming partnerships. This document is the CDRP guide to the PADS system.

Title: Partnership Assessment and Delivery System – Guidance for partnerships
Authors: Home Office Partnership Performance and Support Unit
Number of pages: 13
Date published: April 2006
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The Home Office sees local partnerships as key drivers in creating and sustaining safer and stronger communities. This is because of their responsibility to tackle crime reduction, fear of crime, and the harm caused by illegal drugs within their communities. The key role of local partnerships was emphasised in the
National Community Safety Plan, which set out the Government’s priorities for community safety over the next three years. The phased introduction of Local Area Agreements (LAAs) has further strengthened local responsibility for the delivery of safer and stronger communities.

The Home Office believes that partnerships can deliver safer and stronger communities provided that they have robust partnership structures with strategic objectives and targets, and effective performance management and other processes in place to deliver them. The agenda of reducing crime, the fear of crime, and the harm caused by illegal drugs is a complex one. The identification of obstacles and solutions can be similarly complex. They will need to be tackled by partnerships, if they are to support local and national priorities successfully.

Responsibility for performance management rests with local partnerships and will be monitored by the Home Office, Government Offices for the Regions (GOs) and the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). The GOs/WAG will be able to offer advice and support to the partnership to maintain progress against targets and effective use of resources.

To support local partnerships in the improvement of delivery the Home Office have introduced the Partnership Assessment and Delivery System, in consultation with the GOs/WAG and other partners. PADS combines strands of the existing performance management framework and new components. The Home Office has developed the package to create a coherent and effective system of support to deliver reductions in crime, the fear of crime, the harm caused by illegal drugs, and anti-social behaviour. As part of PADS, the Home Office and GOs/WAG staff will engage and work with partnerships to share good practice. Where performance is of concern, they will support improvement of their overall delivery of objectives. This guidance summarises

  • the PADS process

  • how the potential need for this support will be identified

  • how the potential need for this support will be shared with partnerships

  • the delivery of performance improvement.

What is PADS?

To ensure the delivery of the Public Service Agreements (PSA), 1, 4 and 2, partnerships, GOs/WAG
and the Home Office routinely monitor performance against agreed targets. PADS brings together these performance management arrangements and provides scope for support to be provided, if appropriate, where performance below target is identified. The PADS process is illustrated in the following diagram.

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System – Guidance for partnerships

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Last update: 28 April 2006

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