A Performance Management Framework, covering Catch & Convict and Prevent & deter, has been developed




The Prolific and Other Priority Offenders Strategy � Performance Management

A Performance Management Framework has now been
developed to cover the Catch & Convict and Rehabilitate & Resettle
strands of the Strategy.

There is
also a powerpoint presentation which is intended to give the scheme performance
managers an overview of the Framework.  If viewed full screen it should be
fairly easy to navigate and contains instructions about how it should be used. 

will mainly be collected from JTrack, but there will be manual collection of one
measure from areas, in December, and a data collection tool has been developed
to assist in this process.

From the end
of January, there will be a further six measures collected manually and a
revised version of the tool will be available on this webpage in January.

Between now
and April there will be consultation on any further measures that may need to be
collected from the beginning of 2005-06.  Wherever possible, central data
sources for any such measures will be used.  

In parallel
with this process, a framework for the prevent and deter strand of the programme
is being developed.  The aim once again is to draw, wherever possible, on data
already collected by the Youth Justice Board.  This should be ready to be rolled
out by the end of the year.  

Letter from Leigh Lewis, Permanent Secretary Crime,
Policing, Counter Terrorism and Delivery

Word 926Kb

A slideshow giving an overview of the Performance
Management Framework




data collection tool

Excel 225Kb



Frequently Asked Questions

This will be
inserted shortly. However if you have any questions please contact Gregg Mead
020 7035 5225 or Mark Nicholas 020 7035 5084 in the Prolific Offender
Implementation Team.




Last update:  8 December 2004

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