Delivering PSA1

Delivering Public Service Agreement (PSA) target 1


In late 2006, the Home Office developed a renewed strategy for the delivery of PSA 1, to reduce crime by 18% by March 2008. This strategy identified 44 areas which had the greatest potential to contribute to further reductions in crime. Analysis was based on the gap from their individual target, the gap from their peers and their direction of travel.

At that stage, the most recent British Crime Survey sample showed that crime was down 11% compared with the baseline, meaning a further reduction of 4% was required achieve the target. It was calculated that if the 44 priority areas reduced recorded crime by 6% compared with the previous year during the 12 months to September 2007 (with Nottingham reducing by 11%) and all other areas improved their rate of reduction by an additional 0.5%, we could expect an additional reduction of around 83,000 recorded crimes which, if reflected in the BCS, would bring the 15% target back into our sights.

Since then, The Police and Crime Standards Directorate (PCSD) and Home Office teams in Government Offices in England and Welsh Assembly Government have provided targeted operational support to all areas with a particular focus on the 44 priority CDRPs. The support programme includes area-based, offender-based and crime specific work streams. The key elements are:

  • Action Plans
  • Weeks of Action
  • DIP/PPO diagnostics and assistance
  • Criminal Damage Project
  • Effective Practice

The information and links held on this mini-site relate to all of the workstreams developed to support partnerships. The 44 alone will not deliver PSA1 and the materials on this site and related crime reduction sites have therefore been designed to be used by any CDRP.

Partners have responded very positively to this extra drive on reducing crime and evidence so far, from BCS data, shows a reduction in the level of crime that would have been expected before this activity began. Through the use of the resources available on this site we hope that many CDRPs will adopt new ways of working that will further impact on crime and make a real, positive and sustainable difference to local communities.

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Delivering PSA 1

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