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Publicity on the website have been sorted into 3 broad
categories, namely:

This is the Publicity home section. It contains publicity
issues surrounding crimes against the person, communities and
property, for example:

  • Vehicle Crime Reduction

  • Victims of Crime

  • Personal Safety

  • Drugs Communications Pack

National Knife Amnesty

A National Knife Amnesty runs in England,
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from 24 May to 30 June
2006. The Amnesty is being run in partnership with ACPO. In
order to support the Amnesty the Home Office has produced a
creative poster campaign, and designed an over-arching brand for
the amnesty, to help forces tie their own activities into the
nationwide campaign.

View details
of the campaign

Get help or get arrested

New domestic violence awareness campaign targets abusers

The campaign comprises newspaper, poster and radio advertising
in 3 bursts within regions of England & Wales.
Full details can be found on
the campaign web page

‘Let’s Keep Crime Down’ Resources

Campaign materials from the Government’s “Let’s keep crime down”
campaign launched in November 2004 to reduce domestic burglary,
vehicle crime and mobile phone theft can be found at


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Last update: 23 May 2006

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