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Guidance on Statutory Crime & Disorder Partnerships

The Crime & Disorder Act 1998 places obligations on local authorities, the police, police authorities, health authorities and probation committees (amongst others) to co-operate in the development and implementation of a strategy for tackling crime and disorder in their area. These organisations have to consider changed working practices, internal priorities and their relationships both with other agencies and with the wider community.

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Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain

The Government’s 10-Year Strategy for Tackling Drugs Misuse
Drugs are a very serious problem in the UK. No one has any illusions about that. Illegal drugs are now more widely available than ever before and children are increasingly exposed to them. Drugs are a threat to health, a threat on the streets and a serious threat to communities because of drug-related crime.

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The legislation

The Crime and Disorder Act received Royal Assent on Friday 31st July 1998.

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Introductory Guide to the Crime & Disorder Act

A guide published by the Home Office in 1998 provided clear and simple information about the provisions of the Act. It was intended as a useful introductory guide for the authorities and agencies involved in the implementation of the Act.

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Home Office Guidance

The Crime and Disorder Act received Royal Assent on 31 July 1998. The Home Office has issued various circulars and pieces of guidance to support implementation of the Act.

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Communities Against Drugs – Getting Started
A Guidance Note for Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships

The purpose of this note is to provide Crime and Disorder Reduction
Partnerships with a suggested outline framework to begin the process of planning
interventions funded by the Communities Against Drugs initiative.

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Annex 3
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Developing Local Drugs Prevention Strategies: Overview Guidance to Drug Action Teams

This Drugs Prevention Initiative (DPI) guidance, issued in 1998, is aimed primarily at Drug Action Teams (DATs).

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Guidance on Good Practice

Guidance on Good Practice – A supplement to the DPI’s overview guidance to Drug Action Teams on developing local drugs prevention strategies (1998).

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The Human Rights Act: Guidance

The Human Rights Act is one of the most significant and exciting pieces of legislation passed in the United Kingdom. It marks a change in the constitutional relationship between citizens and the state. The Human Rights Act makes rights from the European Convention on Human Rights into a form of higher law in the United Kingdom.

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The Human Rights Act is one of the most significant pieces of constitutional legislation enacted in the United Kingdom. It is a key part of the Government’s programme to encourage a modern civic society where the rights and responsibilities of our citizens are clearly recognised and properly balanced.

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Mainstreaming Community Safety – A Practical Guide to Implementing

Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Executive summary
The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 will by now be familiar territory if you are involved in community safety. You have carried out the Audits and developed your Strategies; now comes the challenge of implementation.

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When does Section 17 need to be implemented?
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The Minimalist Approach: Decision Making
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Building Crime and Disorder Reduction into Departments� Mainstream
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The Highest Level: The Corporate Approach
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Implications of Section 17 of the Crime & Disorder Act

The Home Office Policing & Reducing Crime Unit have produced a briefing
note that considers the crime and disorder implications of Section 17 of the
1998 Crime and Disorder Act. It is aimed primarily at local authority members,
practitioners and managers. 

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Proceeds of Crime Bill: publication of draft clauses

New measures to deprive criminals of their ill-gotten gains have been
outlined by the Government in draft legislation published on 5 March. The
intention to publish these proposals was announced in the Queen�s Speech in
December 2000, and the proposals were re-introduced to Parliament in the Queen’s
Speech 2001, having failed to pass through Parliament before the calling of the
General Election on June 7th.

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