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Publications on the website have been sorted into 6 broad categories, namely:

This is the Crime & Property section. It contains publications on issues surrounding crimes against personal / community property, and how to protect against them, for example:

  • Exploring solutions to graffiti

  • Chipping of goods initiative

  • Home security

  • Alleygating

All publications have been listed in date order, with the most recent first.








1999 and earlier


The British Insurance Car Security Awards

The annual British Insurance Car Security Awards (BICSA) are presented to winners of various categories from city cars/superminis right through to luxury models, so there’s something here for every type of motorist. Motorists can be confident that all cars that qualified for consideration of an award offer good levels of security. Full details of this and previous years’ awards, together with the New Vehicle Security Ratings (NVSR) scheme on which they are based, can be found at

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Tackling vandalism

The Home Office has published a series of 5 short practical guides to help practitioners address vandalism and criminal damage. Each guide is short and snappy – at 4 pages long – and addresses practical issues, illustrating its points with pen picture case studies. The guides are titled

  • Tackling vandalism and other criminal damage

  • Tools and powers for tackling criminal damage

  • Environmental approaches to tackling vandalism

  • High visibility policing

  • Tackling Youth Vandalism

  • Tackling arson

  • Criminal damage – Problem analysis

  • Environmental clean up days

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Bike Theft Index 2005

The Bike Theft Index shows which makes and groups (based on engine capacity – cc) of bikes are most at risk of being stolen in England, Scotland and Wales. It is based on theft data taken from the Police National Computer (PNC) in 2003 and on information provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on the number of bikes on the road.

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Don’t lose your satellite navigation equipment to car thieves

With satellite navigation equipment becoming more popular with motorists, it is also becoming more popular with criminals. Where it’s portable keep it safe by taking it, together with the support cradle and suction pads, with you when you leave the car. And remember to wipe away any suction pad marks left on the windscreen or dashboard as thieves will look out for these. Don’t leave the equipment in the glove compartment – thieves will usually check there first.

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How to run your own campaign to reduce vehicle crime

The Home Office has produced a new training pack to help practitioners and community champions to run a successful vehicle crime reduction campaign. The training pack contains practical advice and tips including writing newsletters and press releases, engaging the support of agencies such as the local council and how to evaluate the success of your campaign.

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Arson Terminology

Understanding precisely what we mean when we talk about arson or deliberate fire setting is the first step in developing effective measures to tackle it. This report explores the current recording practices for arson used by the police and the fire and rescue services and looks at the specific problems raised by the current terminology.

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Tackling crime on public transport

This report details investment and initiatives the Department for Transport has introduced in order to reduce the fear of crime and personal security of passengers travelling on public transport.

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Householders and the use of force against intruders

This guidance details what force householders can use to tackle intruders in their homes. It reaffirms that householders can use reasonable force to defend themselves, their families and homes and provides a brief overview of how the police and CPS will deal with any such events.

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