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Responsible Authorities as set out by the Crime & Disorder Act 1998

This page sets out a list of the groups that Responsible Authorities must work together with including Co-operating bodies and Invitees to participate. The list is set out in section 5(1-3) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. View the Act.

Section 5(1): Responsible Authorities

  • Police

  • Local Authority

  • Police Authority

  • Fire and Rescue Authorities

  • Local Health Boards in Wales

  • Primary Care Trusts (PCTs)

Section 5 (2): Co-operating Bodies

Secretary of State also requires:

  • Probation Board

  • Parish Councils

  • NHS Trusts

  • NHS Foundation Trusts

  • Governing bodies of schools

  • Proprietors of independent schools

  • Governing bodies of an institution within the further education sector

  • Social landlords

Section 5 (3): Invitees to Participate

Secretary of State directs at least one representative from:

Drug Action Teams or the Drugs and Alcohol Teams

Training and Enterprise Councils

Voluntary Organisations – whose objects are to provide assistance to young persons via youth work/ informal education.

Crown Prosecution Service

Crown Court Manager

Magistrates Court Committee

Representative of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

Victim Support Scheme member

Service Police

Ministry of Defence Police

Bodies providing School transport.

Bodies providing and operating public transport

Passenger Transport Executives

Passenger Transport Authorities

Transport for London, where the local government area is a London Borough

9; Bodies providing services to women, young, elderly, physically and mentally disabled, those of different racial groups, homosexuals and residents

bodies which not falling within (q) above, one of whose purposes is to reduce Crime and Disorder

Bodies established for religious purposes

A company or partnership which has a place of business within that area

Bodies established to promote retail business

Trade union

Registered Medical practitioner providing general or personal medical services in that local government area

Bodies representing medical practitioners

Higher education governing body

Chief Officer of the Fire Brigade

British Transport Police

the Environment Agency

Last update: Thursday, February 14, 2008

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