Recorded Crime Statistics, 12 months to September 2000




Recorded Crime England and Wales (12 months to September 2000)

Home Office Statistical Bulletin 1/01 is the latest
in a series of regular bulletins issued by the Home
Office Research Development and Statistics (RDS) Directorate
covering the 12 months to September 2000, published
in January 2001.

Main Points

  • Recorded crime in England & Wales fell by 0.2%
    in the 12 months to September 2000. 83% of these offences
    were against property and 14% were violent crimes.

  • 26 of the 43 forces recorded fewer crimes in the
    12 months to September 2000 than in the previous period.
    They included 8 of the 10 most rural forces. The 8
    metropolitan forces collectively recorded a 1% increase.

  • Violent crime rose by 8% but the rate of increase
    in coming down. Violence against the person rose by
    21% and robbery rose by 21%, but sexual offences fell
    by 0.4%, its first fall for five years.

  • Thefts of vehicles fell by 7% and thefts from vehicles
    fell by 6%

  • Burglary fell by 8%, its seventh consecutive fall.
    Domestic burglary fell by 10% and non-domestic by

the bulletin in full
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