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Findings from British Crime Survey 2000

The British Crime Survey (BCS) 2000 was published in December
2000. A nationally representative sample of 19,411 people aged 16 and
above were interviewed between January and July 2000 and asked about
their experience of crime. The BCS is thought to give an indication of
the true extent of crime as it records crimes which are not reported to
the police.

The BCS has been conducted bi-annually, but from next year, the BCS
will report on an annual basis, with a doubled sample size – from 20,000
to 40,000 people. From next summer the Home Office intend to publish the
Recorded Crime Statistics and the survey together in one annual

Analysts at the Home Office have put together the following detailed
briefings on trends that emerged from BCS 2000. They may be downloaded
individually from the Home Office Research, Statistics & Development


Last update:  11/09/03

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