Recorded Crime Statistics, 12 months to March 2000




Recorded Crime Statistics England & Wales (July 2000)

From the series of regular bulletins issued by Home Office
Research Development and Statistics (RDS) Directorate covering the
period April 1999 to March 2000.

Main Points

  • 5.3 million offences were recorded by the police in the twelve
    months to March 2000, an increase of 3.8 per cent over the previous
    twelve months. 83 per cent of these offences were against property;
    13 per cent were violent crimes.

  • Eighteen of the 43 forces recorded fewer crimes in the 12 months
    to March 2000 than in the previous period.

  • Offences of violence against the person showed a 16 per cent rise
    compared to a 10 per cent fall the previous year. Sexual offences
    rose by 4 per cent and robberies increased by 26 per cent.

  • Theft of vehicles fell by 4 per cent while theft from vehicles
    fell by 2 per cent.

  • Domestic burglary fell by 7 per cent, with non-domestic burglary
    falling by 3 per cent.

  • Twenty-five per cent of all crimes, including 59 per cent of
    violent crimes, were cleared up during 1999/2000.

  • Over half of all detected crimes were cleared up using a charge
    or summons, whilst less than one in six were detected with no
    further action taken by the police.

Getting a copy

The complete bulletin,
PDF 305Kb, is available from the
Office website

Previous bulletins are available in the publications
area of the RDS website


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