Tackling Violent Crime Programme (Mini-site)

Tackling Violent Crime Programme

The Tackling Violent Crime Programme (TVCP) was launched in November 2004. It is run jointly by the Police and Partnership Standards Unit (P&PSU) and the Violent Crime Unit (VCU) in the Home Office.

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Purpose of programme

Focus of programme

TVCP areas

Programme activities – alcohol

Programme activities – domestic violence

Monitoring activity and performance

Dissemination of good practice

Purpose of programme

To work intensively with practitioners in a small number of local areas with high volumes of more serious violent crime.

To improve police and CDRP performance and partnership working, using practitioner support panels to enable better problem-solving of violent crime.

To use good practice and support mechanisms to improve local strategies, help fund the implementation of those strategies and run additional enforcement campaigns where appropriate.

To ensure that local priorities and challenges are effectively communicated back to the centre to inform ongoing policy development.

To identify and develop best practice which can then be disseminated and embedded across England and Wales.

Focus of programme

TVCP activity focuses on alcohol-related and domestic violence because together these make up the majority of violent crime incidents. Research shows that domestic violence accounts for 16-25% of all violent crime, and that approximately half of violent crime incidents are alcohol-related.

Geographically the programme focuses on a relatively small number of areas, in which research has shown a significant percentage of violent crime to occur. The aim is that targeting activity in these areas should produce a reduction in the national level of violent crime.

Partnership working is a key focus of the TVCP. Click here for more information.

TVCP areas

TVCP areas have been chosen according to volume of more serious violent crime.

Tranche 1

In November 2004 twelve Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) and 13 Borough Command Units (BCUs) joined Tranche 1 of the TVCP:

Bolton, Brent, Cardiff, Hackney, Hull, Islington, Lambeth, Liverpool (North and South BCUs), Southwark, Wakefield, Westminster and Wirral.

Tranche 2

In May 2005 seven CDRPs and 12 BCUs joined Tranche 2 of the TVCP:

Coventry (M1, M2 and M3 BCUs), Manchester (North, South and Met BCUs), Salford, Nottingham, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Salford, Swansea and Wolverhampton (G1 and G2 BCUs).

Tranche 3

In May 2006 thirteen CDRPs and 14 BCUs joined Tranche 3 of the TVCP:

Birmingham (D1 and D3 BCUs), Bristol, Camden, Doncaster, Ealing, Haringey, Kirklees, Lewisham, Leeds, Newham, Sheffield and Waltham Forest.

TVCP Areas 2007/08

Please click on link for contacts list for TVCP areas.

For contacts in these areas please contact your regional Government Office.

TVCP Areas 2008/09

Discussions are currently taking place between the Home Office and individual Government Offices/Home Office Crime Team in Wales to decide which CDRPs/CSPs will be in the 2008/09 programme. A list of areas will be posted on this website once they have been confirmed.

Fieldworkers are currently being recruited to assist the TVCP Lead in GO/HOCT in Wales. Each Fieldworker will cover two GO/HOCT regions which are broken down as follows:

GONW & GOWM is covered by Andy Pownall – [email protected]

GOL & GOSE awaits Fieldworker appointment

GOEM & GOEast awaits Fieldworker appointmant

Wales & GOSW awaits Fieldworker appointment

GOYH & GONE awaits Fieldworker appointment

Programme activities


Alcohol related activity is mainly enforcement-based and focuses on implementing lessons from the National Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaigns (AMECs) which have been run by the Home Office.

Click here for more information.

A Tackling Under Age Sales Campaign (TUSAC) ran for ten weeks between May and July 2007. Please click here to see the results of the Campaign.

A Confiscation of Alcohol Campaign ran in the half terms of October 2007 and February 2008. Please click here to see the results of the Campaign.

A Responsible Alcohol Sales Campaign (sales to drunks) ran for the four weekends ahead of Christmas 2007. Please click here for the results.

Domestic violence

The TVCP is part of wider work ongoing in the Home Office to tackle domestic violence, and has linked up with a programme of work for the delivery of the Specialist Domestic Violence Court (SDVC) Programme. Alongside this the TVCP aims to improve the evidence gathering methods and investigation of domestic violence. Domestic Violence Enforcement Campaign (DVECs) have been run in the TVCP and the SDVC areas between January – March 2006 and during the World Cup 2006.

Click here for more information.

Another DVEC campaign ran for the period of four weeks before Christmas 2007 (details to follow shortly).

Monitoring activity and performance

The Government Offices (GO) and Home Office Crime Team (HOCT) in Wales hold regional meetings with CDRPs/CSPs who are in the TVCP. Feedback is provided to the Home Office via the Fieldworkers, to ensure effective practice is gathered and disseminated. There are also quarterly meetings to bring together the TVCP GO/HOCT in Wales Leads in ensure they are up to date with information.

Dissemination of good practice

From end 2006, the focus will be on disseminating the good practice developed through the TVCP to those areas which have not been involved in the programme, and on supporting these areas to imbed this learning.

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