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UK Online (
is a government initiative to make the UK into one of the world�s
leading knowledge economies. One of the strands of the initiative is the
�Citizen�s Portal�. The portal aims to bring together information
from government departments into a single one-stop shop. As part of this
initiative, the site offers information on a number of �Life Episodes�,
one of which is ‘Dealing with Crime’; other Life Episodes include
‘Moving House’ and ‘Having a Baby’ and more are planned for 2001.

The ‘Dealing with Crime’ Life Episode offers advice to the public on
how to avoid being a victim of crime, how to deal with crime, what to
expect of court proceedings, and returning to normal after having been a
victim of crime.

Whilst the site doesn�t offer any material that isn’t available
from other sources, it does bring together useful information into a
central point for members of the public, rendering it more accessible.
The following websites are used in the ‘Dealing with Crime’ Life

  • Home Office
  • Crime Reduction
  • Police UK
  • Citizen�s Advice Bureau
  • Association of British Insurers
  • National Approval Council for Security Systems
  • NHS Online
  • Internet Watch Foundation
  • National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

To find out more visit the UK
Online website
and look at the Dealing with Crime Life Episode.

Date modified: 5 July 2001
Review date: January 2002
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