An international review of restorative justice

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An international review of restorative justice

This review provides an overview of the position and use of
restorative justice programmes in twelve European jurisdictions,
together with summaries and examples of programmes in Australia,
Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America.

In each case, the review summarises the provision of restorative
justice under four thematic headings

  • legal base

  • scope

  • implementation

  • evaluation

The review compares and contrasts the principal features of these
themes across the different jurisdictions, identifying, particularly
in the case of the European jurisdictions, the similarities and
dissimilarities between their various restorative justice
initiatives. In doing so, the review draws some lessons about good
practice in restorative justice provision. Finally, the review
places the work currently being undertaken within wider theoretical
debates about the nature and scope of restorative justice, and
highlights some of the strengths and weaknesses of evaluative
research into its impact.

The review will be of value to those who seek an understanding of
restorative justice provision in European jurisdictions in
particular, and more generally in a wider international context.
Both the detailed accounts and the evaluative summary will enable
readers to compare that provision with their own understanding of
the theory and practice of restorative justice in England and Wales.

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