Be safe, be secure – Your practical guide to crime prevention

Crime Prevention

Your Practical Guide To Crime Prevention Introduction


This booklet shows you how you can help reduce your
risk of being a victim of crime. You can make yourself
safer and protect your home, your family and your
belongings by following some of these simple

It is also important to remember that most crime is
against property, not people, and that crime levels are
going down in most places. Most crimes are ‘spur of the
moment’ actions, often in response to the opportunity of
an open window or valuables on display.

Many of the steps suggested here are common sense,
but they can make a real difference. By securing your
home and property, you can save yourself the distress
and expense of crime, and make your community a safer
and better place to live in.


The booklet is also available as a PDF file from the
Home Office website. Download
Be Safe, Be Secure: Your Practical Guide to Crime


The booklet can also be ordered from your local
police Crime Reduction Officer or by telephoning 0870
241 4680.

Last update: 22 February 2006

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